Content Development

Datamaiden Content Development Content Strategy, Web Strategy and Content ManagementIn this competitive market whether you need content for a business website or a course curricululum, technical training manauals and tutorials or internal libraires, you need a partner who knows contetn!  You have the expertise in your field and we are experts in everything web related.  We have staff who are tech gurus and staff who are English language, writing and editing gurus.  We have staff who are eLearning content development gurus.  Let us be your right hand in getting your web content ready.  Your content should present you professionally and it should perform for you.  We can do both!Technical WritingDo you need websites, proposals, online portfolios and courses, but do not have the content written?  We can help you now!  Technical content such as engineering, energy, finance, analysis is how we got into this business.  It is our roots.  Technical elements such as charts, graphs, schematics, graphic organizers spice up your work, increase effective, and enhance visual appeal.  Make strategic use of embedded keywords to improve search engine optimization.Blog PostsWe research and author original content or we can take your work, polish it and format it for SEO.  The standard blog post is 750 pages with a 3.5% keyword saturation.SEO ContentWebsite content is overly abundant, but we can help you with your marketing message, background story, portfolio expositions, biographies and strategy pages.  SEO formatting is for everything that goes on the web, including reports, white papers, flip books, articles, event postings and news.On page SEO helps you get found, but you want it to be reader friendly too – not just search bot friendly.  We will give you an effective and attractive balance with good visual appeal.   This is important for readability.eLearning ContentWe do eLearning from A to Z.  We can make your content, convert your content, convert your courses, create courses from plain text content.  If you want effective learning, we know how to package that content for display in a learning management system, in well-designed lessons blocks.  Make is great with eLearning development software and reuse in various modules and courses.Instructional DesignInstructional design is the art of creating learning experiences out of plain information.  Talk to us, give us your information and we will create something that inspire, motivates and improves knowledge and skill.Course AuthoringSometimes you have a lot of knowledge or a lot of information, but it is not written into anything you can use yet.  We can write the pages of your course, develop your presentations, assessments and handouts.Content Development FormatsThere are so many ways to produce content.  How would you like it?eBook, flip-book, PowerPoint, web pages, wiki, flash animation, video, podcast, blog, efoms, epub, esign.  You let us know what you want, give us what you have got and your problem is solved!