Open Source

DATAMAIDEN is dedicated to the open source community.  Our collaborative and supportive approach is reflected in this great community of experienced and skilled professionals who work together to contribute to the world some of the greatest software and tools around.
Our specialty in CMS focuses on Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, with Drupal being the cornerstone.
Drupal’s strength as a stable and secure platform with the ability to easily manage a variety of functions and features even on some of the largest sites in the world make it a first rate building tool.  The open source code is tested by millions of Drupal developers the world over providing an unsurpassed quality standard.  The quality assurance measures in Drupal development provide great compliance, code validation and SEO capability.
Joomla is also considered one of the world’s best open source content management systems.  Superior for complex sites and taxonomies, and for social networks, ecommerce and portals.  Joomla is particularly famous for harnessing the power of social technologies, richly designed membership sites and intranets. 
WordPress is the modern day go-to for blogs, magazines, cottage industries and self-employed persons who want a fast, simple solution for a simple blog or blog-based site.    WordPress was designed for non-technical people who wanted a do-it-yourself solution.  We offer WordPress for those who need a small site which they can maintain by blog.  We will install and configure your wordpress with your choice of themes and let you enjoy using it.  We install and host your WordPress on our servers so we handle the back-end maintenance for you.  Our Wordpress comes with domain and branded email that we configure to give you a true professional image.
If you are not sure which platform is best for your needs – no worries!  Our consultants are here to analyze your needs and find how best to realize your vision.  Leave the rest to us!
Whether you choose Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, our consultants will train you to maintain your content, blog and manage features of your site.  With our managed services, we handle all of the back-end maintenance; you just write, create pages, contribute and share!
Webmistress, Virtual Private Assistant and Content Management Services
If you want to keep your staff focused on your business you can turn over as much or as little of the maintenance to us.  We can make changes as needed or author and maintain and ongoing flow of fresh content and SEO.  We are here to make your website work for you – not the other way around.
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