Virtual Technical Assistant (VTA)

Leave it to Us
         - A timely solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a little help every now and then. 
Unlike a webmaster plan (Datamaiden Webmistress) there is no ongoing maintenance work on your website or SEO. 
VTA is just what you need when you need it.  Designed for technical tasks rather than custom development services - the type of tasks that you do not need to take your time dealing with and thanks to our virutal support, you can avoid costly development services when you don't really need that much.
What VTA Can Do for You:

  • Assistance with setting up and administering domains, hosting, branded email, Google Apps for Business, CRMs, ERPs, Online Invoicing
  • RSS Feeds, Email Campaigns and Newsletters
  • Updating contact databases
  • Social Media Links and Content
  • Event Registrations, Online Scheduling
  • Basic Updates to WordPress Sites

*  Does not include custom design, development, coding