Why Do I Need a Webmaster (Webmistress)?

WEBMISTRESS:  What Webmistress (webmaster) Services Can Do For You
Reason it Out - Is your time better spent on your business or doing tech?

  • Do you have a website or blog to maintain?  You know that it can take time away from your priority business?
  • Would you like to have a bit more functionality, some features?
  •  Are some things not like you wanted, but you do not know how to fix it? 
  • Do you have a lot of content, but have not gotten the time to put in on your website?
  • Do you spend time managing comment spam, building traffic through directory submissions and SEO and link building? 
  • Do you regularly check for and fix broken links? 
  • Do you keep your content fresh and updated? 
  • Do you run regular backups? 
  • Do you want to expand your site, revise it, give it a new look?

 These are some of the things that a webmaster or webmistress does. 
This is the helping hand you need to handle web tech so that you are free to run your business, work the leads gathered by your website and enjoy blogging.
How does Webmistress Differ from Virtual Technical Assistant (VTA)?
VTA takes action only when you put in a request.
VTA does not cover design and development
Webmistress will do what VTA does plus more:
Webmistress works independently maintaining your website, doing updates, managing comments, spam and filtering requests, making backups and monitoring traffic and analytics, making suggestions to improve website performance.
Webmistress is also available as needed to add content, revise content and add graphics
How it works:
You purchase an annual contract
         You pay annual or monthly
                    Basic service covers  back-end maintenance. 
                              Add additional fee covers content updates
                                        Another additiona small fee covers design and development
Some of the things Webmistress  can help you with:




Login problems
WordPress Problems
Email Problems
Computer Flakiness

Calendar & Scheduling
Collaboration and Remote Team Tools
Online Form Filling and Agreements
Private Intranets
Contact Management
Password Keepers
Cloud Storage
File Sharing
Automated Social Media Integration
Online Time Management
Online Project Management
Online Expense Tracking
Online Invoicing

Custom Branded Domain
Branded Email
Membership Sites
Online Course Sites
Event Registration
Video Hosting
Integrated Platforms
Custom Design
Custom Development




Marketing Support


Content Management
Editing and Proofing
Digital Downloads
Technical Advice and Consultation

Eliminate Stress and Lost Time by Learning Some Key Skills.
Personalized Training on Common Software that you use such as WordPress and Gmail.

Data Mining
Email Sign Up
List Building
Email Marketing

Organize your content online for easy finding and retrieval from anywhere. 
Team members can download, edit and check back in for spotless collaboration.

Base Rate:  $100 per month, per site (Discount for annual billing $1,000)
$150 per month includes basic maintenance plus site content edits
(Content edits defined as text and graphics provided by client inserted as in to new or existing pages or blogs.  Client warrants that client is the legitimate legal owner or licensee or all content.)
$200 + per month  - $50 per month of this accrues in account to be used for design and development services.  Amounts may be paid in advance to fund design and development.
Design and development includes all work other than regular backend maintenance and basic regular content editing.   Ex:  Graphic editing, multimedia, design work or development work is all available under this plan at $50 hourly (Regular rate $100 per hour)